Meet Kim.

Actress, Comedian, Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

If you don't know Kim Coles, you should. As an actress, she's starred in a number of hit television shows (Frasier, Six Feet Under, Celebrity Mole) and is best known for her role as Synclaire on the 5-season series, Living Single

A lifetime comedian, Kim now combines comedy and inspiration to empower others. Whether she's hosting a speaking engagement or facilitating a workshop, Kim inspires others to discover their true gifts so that they can share them with the world.

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Meet Yuliya.

Business Strategist to Health & Wellness Coaches

Yuliya is on a mission to help health-focused entrepreneurs turn their creative vision into focus-based business success. She shows them how to end the struggle of suffering to make their money back from school, and instead, teaches them how to make endless money in a sustainable business doing what they love to do.

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Meet Susan.

Self-Love Activist & Life Coach

In a nutshell, Susan helps women heal. Whether a woman is in need of support following a divorce or toxic relationship or is recovering from an abusive relationship, Susan welcomes everyone and works with them so that they can move from broken to blissful.

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jennifer to create graphics for my website. It was my first time working with her and it was fabulous. She developed gorgeous designs from my strange notes that reflected what I wanted on the first try! I love the graphics she created and I will definitely work with Jennifer again."





What I love about Jennifer is that she really understands her client's needs. You would think this is obvious but many times that is not the case. Jennifer asks questions, offers suggestions, shares design options and is efficient in both her delivery of the work and timeliness. I also think it's rare to find people who are both talented and nice, who focus on building relationships with their clients, other than just delivering outstanding work for their businesses. I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer for your design needs. You will love her upbeat demeanor and have a great time working with her.  

- NT

Meet Chelsea.

Content Strategist Extraordinaire.

Chelsea creates content that connects to the heart of your dream clients and guides them from likes to comments to cash!

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Meet Nicola.

Money Coach & Author of Heal Your Inner Good Girl.

Nicola is on a mission to empower women to have the most abundant, delicious, fulfilling lives possible. And to do that, she helps them focus on one thing -- money mindset.

"Working with Jennifer was a dream! I wanted some social media templates that I could use (because my design skills are zero and I wanted to have a coherent, attractive range of images to promote my brand). Jennifer asked me a couple of simple questions to get an idea of what I wanted and within a couple of days I had a gorgeous selection of templates that I can use on Facebook or Instagram (my social media platforms of choice).

The templates are fresh, modern and beautiful - exactly what I wanted! I’d highly recommend snapping up any of Jennifer’s packages."

Meet Jessica. 

Brilliant Sales Coach & Business Strategist.

Jessica is a sales coach for coaches who want to create simple sales funnels that are fun, authentic, and convert prospective customers into happy, paying clients. She believes in a world where making money is easy and sleaze free selling is the new normal. Where your clients approach YOU and want to give you money - because they know that you're the rooting, tooting expert at what you do.

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Meet Donna.

The Wellness Zone Coach & Founder of Detour from Diabetes

Donna is a certified health and wellness coach, who shares her experience, knowledge and insights with you as you take charge of your health and well-being. Her personal journey is one that involved losing 20 pounds and reversing a pre-diabetic diagnosis. It's one that she openly shares because she, like so many, never thought it would happen to her.

"Jennifer and I worked together on a very special launch for my signature coaching program, one that is near and dear to my heart. During our first strategy session, all I had to do was share my vision and she was able to help bring it to life. Her creativity, extraordinary design talent and dedication to her work is by far, second to none. She makes sure every detail is perfect and doesn't quit until your vision is ready to share with the world."

Meet Marste.

Marste helps women who are struggling with body image and food anxiety issues (even after reading all the self-help books!) achieve self-love and peace with food.

"Jennifer came highly recommended by a couple of women I know, so when I was ready to outsource my social media graphics (to someone who actually knew what they were doing, haha), I reached out to her. And oh my gosh, she provided me with a ton of beautiful graphics at such reasonable rates! She completely captured what I was looking for, from the branding to the colors, to the images she selected to use. And one of the best parts was that she did it without a ton of back and forth – I think we tweaked one image, and the rest were good to go on the first pass! Seriously, if you’re looking for graphic design, you NEED to check in with Alicia!"



Meet PollyAnna.

Business Fairy Godmother & Master Storyteller.

PollyAnna helps you take the reins of your biz back, so you can be the master of your biz story, and start living the real-life fairy tale you were born to live.

"Jennifer is beyond easy + delightful to work with. She’s fast, talented, and takes direction really well. Jennifer created professional graphics for me with the quickest turn around I’ve ever seen, and saved me countless hours and thousands of dollars. If you need graphics for your business, I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer!"




Meet Natalie.

Goddess of Sacred Breakthroughs.

Natalie mission is to assist you in becoming the best you can be. To inspire, heal, and empower you to have your sacred breakthroughs. Creating a life of love, truth, passion and joy.

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Shanetta graphics.jpg

Meet Shanetta.

Shanetta is a Grief Recovery and Empowerment Coach who helps women who have lost a loved one to suicide and feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, or stuck, find peace and begin to live a life that honors their loved one.

"I have worked with Jennifer for several projects and find her creativity and attention to detail superior to any designers I have worked with in the past. She truly cares about helping her clients reach their target audience. She took the time to get to know me and my business, so that she could create graphics that appeal and speak to my target audience. She's also created a logo for my group coaching program and much more. She is my go to person, give her a try, you wont regret it!!"

Meet Samantha.

Self Love Weight Loss Coach & Hypnotherapist

Sam's mission in life is to Empower you to see your true potential, to help you reach your weight loss dreams and to fully love yourself throughout your weight loss journey. She will show you how you can easily lose weight but most importantly keep it off.

"Jennifer is such a fantastic person to work with. I am very happy with the images she created for me for my Facebook group -- so many people have commented on them! Jennifer spends a lot of time on the attention to detail and her responses back to me when I had questions were always so prompt.

The thing I love about Jennifer is her passion for the work she does -- she does not stop until it's spot on! Her images are stunning and I will definitely be using her again. If you're thinking about getting some graphics created, Jennifer's definitely your girl!!"




Meet Helen.

With 15 years corporate coaching, 2 online businesses, 2 kids and her own personal breakthrough, Helen uses her experience to enable transformation in her clients. She's a coach and mentor, who provides accountability, motivation, wisdom, knowledge, challenge, compassion, empathy and results. Her key areas of expertise are unlocking confidence through inner work, and providing clarity on the what, how and who.

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Meet Noelle.

Soul Empowerment Coach.

Noelle helps people figure out their purpose in life and then follow it. She teaches her clients how to rewrite the stories, beliefs and thoughts that are holding them back. There is no story that cannot be changed.

"Jennifer has delivered two projects for me; a social media post package and branding for my group program (including logo design). I really struggled in the past with branding and never had anything I was completely satisfied with until I worked with Jennifer. Her work is clean, classy and her complete packages are beautiful. She's a gem to work with, always delivers what you need - resizes and revisions are not a problem! I recommend Jennifer and her fabulous work and look forward to working with her on my future branding projects."

Meet Louise.

Louise is the woman beyond My Happy Space -- a product of 20 years work in the health and fitness industry. Louise believes that true health is far more than a dress size and a diet and her aim is to help as many people as possible live a life of true happiness, health and wellness.

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Meet Felicia.

Felicia is the author of three books: To Baby With Love, Lost And Found, and A Gift From Heaven.

Her company--Art of Life--is designed to empower women who have had a miscarriage to bring the sparkle back into their lives. She does this by giving talks and workshops where she shares all that she's endured and how she's been able to sparkle again.

"This was my first time working with Jennifer and I am happy to say we are now working on our third set of graphics. I used to be a graphic designer, hence I know what it means to have quality work and likewise, appreciate the synergy I share with Jennifer. She is able to understand what I need and relay that through her work. The pictures she selects resonate with me instantaneously and I can use them immediately. Great job, Jennifer!"




Meet Tara.

Inspiring Branding & Marketing Specialist.

Anybody can start a business, but the question is can they SUSTAIN it? Tara helps business that are in a bind and just existing or just getting by. She provides simple systems and marketing strategies that bring cash back into the equation.

(Site coming soon!) 

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Meet Colleen.

CEO at Divonify. 

Divonify works with you to IDENTIFY the diversity that exists within all environments—work, society, home—and provides tools that help you promote more inclusive environments to motivate and inspire love of self and love of others. Through training, coaching and thorough assessments, we work with you to EMBRACE the differences that exist and offer guidance as you move into a more inclusive environment where everyone is UNIFIED.

"Jennifer is a results driven professional who takes pride in her work. She did a wonderful job creating my company's PDF brochure, she took the time to understand my target audience, and what my main objectives were, the end result was a great final product! Jennifer is now my go to person for my marketing materials."

Meet Kuljeet. 

Founder of Calibre Consulting.

Calibre Consulting is friendly, highly experienced team of web designers, software developers and IT professionals. Dedicated to helping their clients achieve the outcomes they want, they apply their creative and technical knowledge to deliver the perfect solution.

"I met Jennifer through one of the business Facebook groups we're both in after she posted an ad about designing marketing materials for a reasonable price. I was in need of some materials, so I contacted her and we set up a meeting. From our initial call and after sending her some basics about my business, she was able to make my content stand out with nice, quality graphics. I was very pleased with her services and I will not hesitate to recommend her to any body."